Marilyn Monroe ~ Pretty in Pink

Marilyn Monroe looking gorgeous in a pink dress and gold earrings on the set of the 1953 film Niagara.  This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Monroe…She just looks so pretty!



Marilyn Monroe shines in white satin

Marilyn Monroe, circa 1953, wearing a white strapless satin dress, white gloves, and a fur wrap at Walter Winchell’s birthday party.  I just love how her skin glows in this picture!


Marilyn Monroe ~ Wonderful Earrings

Marilyn Monroe, circa 1953.  Photo called Marilyn by Carlisle Blackwell.  Of course Monroe looks gorgeous, but I keep staring at her earrings!  The earrings in this picture are so pretty!


Beauty Icon ~ Marilyn Monroe

~ Marilyn Monroe ~

This picture is from September 13, 1953 when Monroe appeared on the Jack Benny Program (Episode: Honolulu Trip).


Monroe looks stunning in this picture.  I love the voluminous hairstyle, the makeup looks flawless, and as a side note, I also really like the dome-shaped ring she is wearing!

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