Beauty Icon ~ Fran Jeffries

~ Fran Jeffries ~

Singer, actress, and model Fran Jeffries.




The picture above is a scene from the 1964 film The Pink Panther in which Jeffries had a minor role.  In this scene she dances seductively while singing the song “Meglio Stasera (It Had Better Be Tonight).”  It is a great scene and Jeffries looks absolutely gorgeous.

You can view a YouTube clip of Jeffries singing “Meglio Stasera” in The Pink Panther (1964) here.

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Beauty Icon ~ Diana Dors

~ Diana Dors ~

The beautiful actress Diana Dors circa the 1950’s.  Notice that the same eyeliner technique that Marilyn Monroe used to make her eyes look bigger (lower eyeliner dips down at outer corner of eyes) is used on Dors in this picture.


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Beauty Icon ~ Brigitte Bardot

~ Brigitte Bardot ~

French actress Brigitte Bardot is best known as a 1960’s beauty, fashion and style icon.  Bardot was a trendsetter whose voluminous tousled hair and dark rimmed eyes have been copied by women around the world.


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