Olivia Wilde ~ LA Times Magazine July 2011

Olivia Wilde on the cover of Los Angeles Times Magazine July 2011.  I love her blonde hair and the Veronica Lake style hairdo.  The red lips paired with smokey eye makeup is beautiful too!



Yvonne De Carlo ~ Hollywood in Kodachrome

Beautiful actress/dancer/singer Yvonne De Carlo, circa the 1940’s, in a kodachrome photo.  De Carlo, along with many other Old Hollywood stars, appears in the book Hollywood in Kodachrome, by David Wills.

I love the rich depth of color of De Carlo’s hair and makeup in this photo.  Stunning!

(De Carlo photo by Ray Jones; source)

Marilyn Monroe ~ Black Cape

Marilyn Monroe in a black cape, circa 1955, photographed by Milton Greene.  This may be one of my favorite picures of Marilyn.  I love how her red lips are the only source of color in this photo.  So beautiful!



Olivia Wilde ~ Fashion Magazine September 2013

Actress Olivia Wilde on the cover of and featured in the September 2013 issue of Fashion magazine.  

I love the 60’s-inspired look (dark smokey eyes and nude lips) of Wilde’s makeup in this cover photo.


Wilde in a photo featured inside the magazine.  I love the cat-eye style eyes and dark lips.


Marilyn Monroe ~ Shades of Red

Marilyn Monroe with her trademark red lips and gold hoop earrings.  In this photo there appears to be a little bit of pink lipstick in the center of her bottom lip.  I wonder if this was intentional or just the way her lipstick photographed?