Marilyn Monroe ~ Shades of Red

Marilyn Monroe with her trademark red lips and gold hoop earrings.  In this photo there appears to be a little bit of pink lipstick in the center of her bottom lip.  I wonder if this was intentional or just the way her lipstick photographed?



Marilyn Monroe ~ Pretty in Pink

Marilyn Monroe looking gorgeous in a pink dress and gold earrings on the set of the 1953 film Niagara.  This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Monroe…She just looks so pretty!


Jayne Mansfield ~ Black eyeliner and Gold hoop earrings

Jayne Mansfield circa the 1950’s.  I like the thicker black eyeliner on Mansfield as well as the classic 50’s gold hoop earrings she is wearing in this picture.  The ring she is wearing is pretty too!