Spotlight: Clark Gable

Actor Clark Gable, circa the 1930’s.  So debonair!


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Spotlight: Michael Jackson

~ Michael Jackson ~

Michael Jackson, circa 1984, photographed by Lynn Goldsmith.  Goldsmith took this photo of Jackson at the Disney Epcot Center during the Jacksons’ Victory tour.  This is one of my favorite pictures of Jackson.  I love the black sequined blazer with the skinny pink tie.

([copyright: Lynn Goldsmith] source)

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Spotlight: Frank Sinatra

~ Frank Sinatra ~

Mr. Sinatra was a great actor, dancer, and of course singer!


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Spotlight: Peter O’Toole

~ Peter O’Toole ~

Actor Peter O’Toole in the 1965 film Lord Jim.  Love this picture!


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