Beauty Icon ~ Diana Ross

~ Diana Ross ~

Beauty and Style (and Music!!) icon Diana Ross.

(copyright: Motown Records; photo credit: Harry Langdon; source)



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Spotlight: Michael Jackson

~ Michael Jackson ~

Michael Jackson, circa 1984, photographed by Lynn Goldsmith.  Goldsmith took this photo of Jackson at the Disney Epcot Center during the Jacksons’ Victory tour.  This is one of my favorite pictures of Jackson.  I love the black sequined blazer with the skinny pink tie.

([copyright: Lynn Goldsmith] source)

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Beauty Icon ~ Jean Shrimpton

~ Jean Shrimpton ~

The popular 1960’s model Jean Shrimpton is a beauty and style icon.  Shrimpton is simply gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!


Vogue UK July 1966



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Beauty Icon ~ Marilyn Monroe

~ Marilyn Monroe ~

This picture is from September 13, 1953 when Monroe appeared on the Jack Benny Program (Episode: Honolulu Trip).


Monroe looks stunning in this picture.  I love the voluminous hairstyle, the makeup looks flawless, and as a side note, I also really like the dome-shaped ring she is wearing!

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Style File ~ Grace Kelly in “High Society”

Grace Kelly wore beautiful fashion in the 1956 film High Society.  My favorite dress in the film was this Grecian-style silk crepe gown designed by Helen Rose.  Kelly wore this gown over a matching swimsuit during the swimming pool scene.





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